Brocklesby Park Cricket Club

Brocklesby Park Cricket Club
All Matches in 1913

Innings Result / Highlights Date / Location
Barton Town:141/8Brocklesby Park won by 3 wickets30/08/1913
Brocklesby Park:144/7RBT.Cliff 60 - F.Holdway 3/?Brocklesby Park
Grimsby Rovers:150/4Grimsby Rovers won by 109 runs23/08/1913
Brocklesby Park:41 All OutHB.Buckley 19 - WP.Greenfield 2/?Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:199/9Drawn09/08/1913
Grimsby Amateurs:79/5FW.McAulay 71 - GM.Stone 3/?Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:145 All OutDrawn02/08/1913
Brigg Town:114 All OutFW.McAulay 66 - JW.Wynn 4/?Brigg
Brocklesby Park:82/9HF.Marris 24 - JW.Wynn 3/?Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:74 All OutGrimsby Town won by 6 wickets19/07/1913
Grimsby Town:141/4HF.Marris 20 - RBT.Cliff 2/?Brocklesby Park
Grimsby Albion Works:25 All OutBrocklesby Park won by 2 wickets12/07/1913
Brocklesby Park:93/9J.Porter 52 - W.Spencer 4/?Brocklesby Park
Grimsby Town:51 All OutBrocklesby Park won by 0 wickets12/07/1913
Brocklesby Park:141 All OutFW.McAulay 27 - J.Rattell 27 - JHE.Beeston 5/20 - F.Holdway 5/30Grimsby (Peoples Park)
Hull Rovers:116 All OutHull Rovers won by 15 runs05/07/1913
Brocklesby Park:101 All OutFW.McAulay 21 - RBT.Cliff 6/?Brocklesby Park
Barton Town:88 All OutBarton Town won by 22 runs28/06/1913
Brocklesby Park:66 All OutGM.Stone 26 - GM.Stone 4/?Barton Town
Grimsby Albion Works:80 All OutGrimsby Albion Works won by 53 runs28/06/1913
Brocklesby Park:27 All OutJ.Hill 7* - J.Furness 6/?Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:132 All OutBrocklesby Park won by an innings and 27 runs21/06/1913
Caistor:37 All Out & 68 All OutHB.Buckley 26 - F.Holdway 5/? - GM.Stone 5/?Brocklesby Park
Grimsby Rovers:87 All OutBrocklesby Park won by 3 wickets14/06/1913
Brocklesby Park:98/7HF.Marris 20 - F.Holdway 7/?Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:192/7Brocklesby Park won by 124 runs07/06/1913
Brigg Town:68 All OutFW.McAulay 82* - W.Stone 7/?Brocklesby Park
Hull Kings Hall:50 All OutBrocklesby Park won by 1 wicket31/05/1913
Brocklesby Park:114/9HB.Buckley 35 - F.Holdway 3/? - WP.Greenfield 3/?Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:153 All OutDrawn24/05/1913
Grimsby Amateurs:89/9AR.Tucker 58 - AA.Scott 5/?Grimsby (Peoples Park)
Grimsby St. Pauls:86 All OutGrimsby St. Pauls won by 21 runs17/05/1913
Brocklesby Park:65 All OutHF.Marris 17 - F.Holdway 4/?Brocklesby Park
Frodingham:87 All OutBrocklesby Park won by 0 wickets12/05/1913
Brocklesby Park:149 All OutFW.McAulay 65Frodingham

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