Brocklesby Park Cricket Club

Fastest to landmark runs by time

Player Landmark Time Taken Date List
CA.Loyd5000 Years 65 Days 19/07/1983List
T.Hartley10001 Years 97 Days 22/08/1993List
T.Hartley20003 Years 46 Days 02/07/1995List
M.Featherstone30004 Years 49 Days 08/07/1982List
M.Featherstone40005 Years 44 Days 03/07/1983List
M.Featherstone50006 Years 13 Days 02/06/1984List
M.Featherstone60007 Years 5 Days 25/05/1985List
M.Featherstone70008 Years 47 Days 06/07/1986List
M.Featherstone80009 Years 74 Days 02/08/1987List
M.Featherstone900011 Years 43 Days 02/07/1989List
G.White1000014 Years 7 Days 18/05/1986List
G.White1100015 Years 20 Days 31/05/1987List
G.White1200017 Years 16 Days 27/05/1989List
G.White1300018 Years 78 Days 28/07/1990List
G.White1400020 Years 33 Days 13/06/1992List
G.White1500021 Years 131 Days 19/09/1993List
G.White1600022 Years 130 Days 18/09/1994List
G.White1700024 Years 35 Days 15/06/1996List
G.White1800025 Years 97 Days 16/08/1997List
G.White1900028 Years 2 Days 13/05/2000List
G.White2000030 Years 112 Days 31/08/2002List
G.White2100035 Years 8 Days 19/05/2007List

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